Vintage Photo Pumpkinhead T-Shirt

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Vintage Photo Pumpkinhead T-Shirt T-shirts


This Pumpkinhead t-shirt features an image of the demon who takes painful revenge on those who his summoners command.

Pumpkinhead can be invoked by those who are truly pressed to take revenge, at the cost of a small amount of money delivered to the witch who is able to awaken him from beneath a large mound in a pumpkin patch. The demon carries out whatever task he was invoked for. As this task goes on, the summoner takes on more Pumpkinhead-like qualities, as well as feel the agony Pumpkinhead’s victims feel as they die.

Pumpkinhead is a gothic story that stands as a timeless, dark fairy tale. Let everyone know you are a fan of the 1988 classic when you wear this Vintage Photo Pumpkinhead T-Shirt!

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Vintage Photo Pumpkinhead T-Shirt

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